Structure of the Kπ=4+ bands in 186,188Os

Lo Iudice, Nicola (2010) Structure of the Kπ=4+ bands in 186,188Os. [Pubblicazione su rivista scientifica]

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The (3He, d) single-proton stripping reaction has been performed on targets of 185,187Re to investigate the structures of the 43+ states in 186,188Os. The experiment employed 30 MeV 3He beams, and the reaction products were analyzed with a Q3D spectrograph. Absolute cross sections were determined at nine angles between 5° and 50° for states up to approximately 3 MeV in excitation energy. Large 5/2+[402]π+3/2+[402]π two-quasiparticle components are deduced for the 43+ levels of both isotopes. Their magnitudes are in agreement with calculations performed using the quasiparticle phonon model, which predicts a coexistence of a large hexadecapole with a smaller, but sizable, γ-γ component in the 43+.

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Altri Autori:Phillips, A. A.; Garrett, P. E.; Sushkov, A. V.; Bettermann, L.; Braun, N.; Burke, D. G.; Demand, G. A.; Faestermann, T.; Finlay, P.; Green, K. L.; Hertenberger, R.; Leach, K. G.; Krücken, R.; Schumaker, M.A.; Svensson, C.E.S.; Wirt, H.-F.; Wong, J.
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