Gasparro, Roberta (2017) White cell and platelet content affect the release of bioactive factors in different blood-derived scaffolds. [Tesi di dottorato]

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Item Type: Tesi di dottorato
Resource language: English
Title: White cell and platelet content affect the release of bioactive factors in different blood-derived scaffolds
Date: January 2017
Number of Pages: 63
Institution: Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II
Department: Neuroscienze e Scienze Riproduttive ed Odontostomatologiche
Scuola di dottorato: Medicina clinica e sperimentale
Dottorato: Medicina clinica e sperimentale
Ciclo di dottorato: 29
Coordinatore del Corso di dottorato:
Sammartino, GilbertoUNSPECIFIED
Date: January 2017
Number of Pages: 63
Keywords: platelet hemoconcentrates, cytokines, growth factors
Settori scientifico-disciplinari del MIUR: Area 06 - Scienze mediche > MED/28 - Malattie odontostomatologiche
Date Deposited: 28 Apr 2017 12:18
Last Modified: 13 Mar 2018 10:32
DOI: 10.6093/UNINA/FEDOA/11472

Collection description

Platelet concentrates for surgical use are innovative tools of regenerative medicine and are widely used for clinical and surgical applications that require tissue regeneration. Their potential beneficial outcomes, including hard and soft tissue regeneration, local haemostasis and acceleration of wound healing, make them suitable, in different medical fields, as therapeutic options. The aim of this study was to gain insight into the leucocyte subpopulations of L- and A-PRF and investigate cytokines and growth factors released by these biomaterials, in comparison with PRGF. For the preparation of L-PRF, A-PRF and PRGF, blood collection was carried out on nine healthy volunteer donors (M/F: 4/5; age: 26,4± 1.6). Platelet, red blood cell, and leucocyte counts were determined in anticoagulated blood from the donors. Conditioned media collected from L-PRF, A-PRF and F1, F2 and F3 gels were screened for the concentration of IL-2, IL-4, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10, IL-17, Eotaxin, IFNγ, MIP-1α, MIP-1β, CCL5, TNFα, PDGF and VEGF using the Bioplex Multiplex human cytokine and growth factor assay (Bio-Rad, Hercules, CA, USA) according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Data were analyzed with GraphPad Prism 6.0 software by unpaired two-tailed t-test and one way Anova followed by Sidak’s multiple comparison tests. There was no statistically significant difference between L-PRF and A-PRF in terms of 36 frequency on each leukocyte subpopulation and expression of CD25 on CD4+ T cells. Detectable amount of IL-4, IL-6, IL-8, IL-17, Eotaxin, IFNγ, MIP-1α, 37 MIP-1β, CCL5, TNFα, PDGF and VEGF were released by both platelet concentrates. In contrast, IL-2, IL-10 and bFGF were not detected. Analysis of cytokine and chemokine release revealed that A-PRF secreted Eotaxin and CCL5 at higher levels (increased by 3- and 1.6-fold, respectively) compared to L-PRF. Biomaterials can act as controlled release devices which will allow for sustained or even on demand delivery of these growth factor cocktails. Further investigations are needed to consider our experimental approach for a specific clinical use.


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