The vibroacoustic behaviour of aerospace structures. Experimental measurements and simulations accounting for uncertainties

Polito, Tiziano (2008) The vibroacoustic behaviour of aerospace structures. Experimental measurements and simulations accounting for uncertainties. [Tesi di dottorato] (Inedito)

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In static as well as dynamic design it is important to allow for the fact that uncertainties can exist in the properties of the designed system and in the applied loading. Traditionally this has been faced through the use of factors of safety, which are developed and refined on the basis of experience and historical evidence. For systems where efficient design is of the utmost importance (for example the minimum weight design of an aircraft structure) it is possible that the traditional factors of safety may be overly conservative, so that optimal efficiency cannot be achieved. Furthermore, historical factors of safety are unlikely to be appropriate for new design concepts or new composite materials. The properties of composites, in fact, present a scattering much higher than metals, mainly due to manufacturing and assembling process. It follows that there is a need for a method (or methods) that can be applied objectively to a new design to yield information on the safety and reliability of the system without reliance on established factors of safety. The principal aim of the present work is to investigate capabilities offered by a probabilistic approach in the evaluation of vibroacoustic behaviour of aerospace composite damped panels. This is done interfacing probabilistic techniques with a numerical analysis of sound transmission loss. The numerical analysis, performed with a discrete coordinate approach, has been validated comparing simulation results with experimental ones measured in a dedicated facility, recently design and assembled, with the contribution of the author, at Department of Aerospace Engineering of the University of Naples “Federico II”.

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