Catauro, Michelina and Raucci, Mariagrazia and Ausanio, Giovanni (2008) Sol-gel processing of drug delivery zirconia/polycaprolactone hybrid materials. [Pubblicazione in rivista scientifica]

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Item Type: Pubblicazione in rivista scientifica
Date Deposited: 21 Oct 2010 06:16
Last Modified: 30 Apr 2014 19:42


Poly(epsilon-caprolactone) (PCL 6, 12 and 24 wt\%) and zirconium (ZrO2) organic-inorganic hybrid materials have been synthesized by the sol-gel method from a multicomponent solution containing zirconium propoxide {[}Zr(OC2H7)(4)], poly(epsilon-caprolacton

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