Imbriani, Gianluca and Roca, Vincenzo (2009) Ultra-sensitive in-beam γ -ray spectroscopy for nuclear astrophysics at LUNA. [Pubblicazione in rivista scientifica]

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Item Type: Pubblicazione in rivista scientifica
Uncontrolled Keywords: Nuclear physics, γ-ray spectroscopy, 3H-, 3He-, and 4He-induced reactions
Date Deposited: 21 Oct 2010 06:56
Last Modified: 30 Apr 2014 19:43


Ultra-sensitive in-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy studies for nuclear astrophysics are performed at the LUNA (Laboratory for Underground Nuclear Astrophysics) 400 kV accelerator, deep underground in Italy’s Gran Sasso laboratory. By virtue of a specially constructed passive shield, the laboratory g-ray background for E_gamma < 3 MeV at LUNA has been reduced to levels comparable to those experienced in dedicated offline underground gamma-counting setups. The g-ray background induced by an incident alpha-beam has been studied. The data are used to evaluate the feasibility of sensitive in-beam experiments at LUNA and, by extension, at similar proposed facilities.

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