Ultrafast pulsed laser deposition as a method for the synthesis of innovative magnetic films

IANNOTTI, VINCENZO and AMORUSO, SALVATORE and AUSANIO, GIOVANNI and BARONE, ALBERTO and LANOTTE, LUCIANO (2009) Ultrafast pulsed laser deposition as a method for the synthesis of innovative magnetic films. [Pubblicazione su rivista scientifica]

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Exchange-coupled monocomponent magnetic films constituted of disk-shaped Ni and Fe nanoparticles were produced by ultrafast pulsed laser deposition, in vacuum. These films show a peculiar cauliflower-like structure, made of granular agglomerates of nanoparticles sticking to one another with a significant shape and orientation anisotropy. Both as-deposited Ni and Fe films present hysteresis loops with a high in-plane remanence ratio (0.61 and 0.81 at 250 K, respectively), relatively low values of the saturation and coercive fields and a steep slope near coercivity. At temperature of 10 K and 250 K, the magnetization curves confirm the strong influence of the production technique on the topologic structure of these films, and consequently on their magnetic properties. In perspective, the striking and intriguing properties of these nanogranular films appear very promising for potential application as permanent magnets and in data storage technology.

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