A cooling system for s.m.a. (shape memory alloy)based on the use of peltier cells

Granito, Michele (2010) A cooling system for s.m.a. (shape memory alloy)based on the use of peltier cells. [Tesi di dottorato] (Inedito)

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The aim of this thesis has been the study and the implementation of an innovative cooling system for S.M.A. (Shape Memory Alloy) material by using a Peltier cell. This system has demonstrated a consistent cooling time reduction during the application and so that the solution adopted has confirmed that it can be used for a better operability of the S.M.A. material during the cooling phase. After an accurate selection of possible cooling system to be adopted on these materials the better choice in terms of efficiency and energy consumption reduction has converged on Peltier cell design development. In this context for our research three investigation have been conducted. The first one has concerned an analytic investigation in order to understand the phenomenology and the terms involved during the heat exchange. After this study a numerical investigation through a Finite Element approach by commercial software has been carried out. Also an experimental investigation has been conducted, at the CIRA Smart Structure Laboratory, in order to verify the results obtained by the numerical prediction. The set-up with the Peltier cell used as heater and cooler of the S.M.A. has confirmed the soundness of the solution adopted. Finally, a correlation between numerical and experimental results have been presented demonstrating the validity of the obtained results through the developed investigations. This system, composed of Peltier cell has confirmed also an energy consumption reduction because the cell has been used for heating and cooling phase without additional system as resistive system (Joule effect). This project shall be also industrial involvement in a new cost cut down point of view

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