Ausanio, Giovanni and Iannotti, Vincenzo and Lanotte, Luciano and Amoruso, Salvatore (2011) Effect of deposition temperature on morphology and magnetic properties of Co50Fe50 thin films produced by femtosecond pulsed laser deposition. [Pubblicazione in rivista scientifica]

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Item Type: Pubblicazione in rivista scientifica
Uncontrolled Keywords: Femtosecond pulsed laser deposition; Substrate temperature; Magnetic nanoparticle-assembled films; Magnetoelastic anisotropy
Date Deposited: 28 Jun 2011 13:43
Last Modified: 30 Apr 2014 19:46


Deposition temperature effect on morphological, topological and magnetic characteristics of nanoparticle-assembled Co50Fe50 films produced by femtosecond pulsed laser deposition (fs-PLD) on Kapton substrate was investigated. For substrate temperature Ts ≥ 550 K, a decrement of the nanoparticle's aggregates and an increment of the nanoparticle's density were observed with respect to room temperature deposition; this in association with a strong increase of the magnetoelastic anisotropy energy lead to a reduction of the remanence ratio, a significant rise of the saturation and coercive fields and an enhancement of the saturation magnetization. The results are discussed focusing on: i) the correlation between films structure and their magnetic behavior; ii) the role of the different anisotropy energies in determining the harder in-plane magnetic behavior for Ts ≥ 550 K. The thermal strain of Kapton substrate holds an important role in generating morphological and topological characteristics of the fs-PLD films and corresponding magnetic properties.

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