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Amoroso, Daniele and Tamburrini, Guglielmo The Convergence of Deontological and Consequentialist Reasons for Banning Autonomous Weapons Systems.

Pubblicazione in rivista scientifica

Tamburrini, Guglielmo (2009) Brain to Computer Communication: Ethical Perspectives on Interaction Models. [Pubblicazione in rivista scientifica]

Tamburrini, Guglielmo (2008) Ethical monitoring of brain-machine interfaces, A note on personal identity and autonomy. [Pubblicazione in rivista scientifica]

Tamburrini, Guglielmo (2008) Guest Editorial. [Pubblicazione in rivista scientifica]

Tamburrini, Guglielmo (2008) Learning robots interacting with humans: from epistemic risk to responsibility. [Pubblicazione in rivista scientifica]

Tamburrini, Guglielmo (2007) Biorobotic Experiments for the Discovery of Biological Mechanisms. [Pubblicazione in rivista scientifica]

Tamburrini, Guglielmo (2007) Goedel e il problema mente-macchina. [Pubblicazione in rivista scientifica]

Trautteur, Giuseppe and Tamburrini, Guglielmo (2007) A note on discreteness and virtuality in analog computing. [Pubblicazione in rivista scientifica]

Tamburrini, Guglielmo (2006) Learning Robots and Human Responsibility. [Pubblicazione in rivista scientifica]

Conference or Workshop Item

Tessitore, Giovanni and Prevete, Roberto and Tamburrini, Guglielmo (2009) How direct is Perception of Affordances? A Computational investigation of Grasping Affordances. In: 9th International Conference on Cognitive Modeling – ICCM2009, giugno 2009, Manchester (UK).

Prevete, Roberto and Catanzariti, Ezio and Tamburrini, Guglielmo (2008) Towards a Shared Action Code for Human-Robot Interaction. In: International Conference on Informatics Education and Research for Knowledge-Circulating Society, gennaio 2008, Kyoto - Japan.

Tamburrini, Guglielmo (2006) Bio-robotic Experiments and Scientific Method. In: European Computing and Philosophy Conference - ECAP 2004, 3-5 June 2004, Pavia, Italia.

Book Section

Tamburrini, Guglielmo (2009) Ethical reflections on healthcare robotics. In: Ethics and robotics. IOS Press, Amsterdam, pp. 35-48.

Tamburrini, Guglielmo (2009) Robot ethics: a view from the philosophy of science. In: Ethics and Robotics. IOS Press, Amsterdam, pp. 11-22.

Tamburrini, Guglielmo (2008) Computation and the explanation of intelligent behaviours: ethologically motivated restart. In: Logic Colloquium 2004. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 168-186. ISBN 978-0-521-88424-2

Tamburrini, Guglielmo (2006) Artificial intelligence and Popper's solution to the problem of induction. In: Karl Popper: A Centenary Assessment. Metaphysics and Epistemology. I. Jarvie, K. Milfor, D. Miller, LONDON, pp. 265-284. ISBN 0-7546-5376-5

Tamburrini, Guglielmo (2006) BIO-ROBOTIC EXPERIMENTS AND SCIENTIFIC METHOD. In: COMPUTING, PHILOSOPHY AND COGNITION. College Publications, LONDON, pp. 397-416. ISBN 1-904987-24-9

Tamburrini, Guglielmo (2006) Intelligent Machines and Warfare: Historical Debates and Epistemologically Motivated Concerns. In: Computing, Philosophy and Cognition. College Publications, LONDON, pp. 1-20. ISBN 1-904987-24-9

Tamburrini, Guglielmo (2006) MECCANISMI DI COORDINAZIONE SENSOMOTORIA E MODELLI COMPUTAZIONALI. In: Cognizione e computazione. Problemi, metodi e prospettive delle spiegazioni computazionali nelle scienze cognitive. Cluep, PADOVA, pp. 77-96. ISBN 88-6129-010-8

Tamburrini, Guglielmo (2006) An inductionless and default-based analysis of machine learning procedures. In: Model Based Reasoning in Science and Engineering. College Publications, LONDON, pp. 379-399. ISBN 1-904987-23-0

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