Rodrigues, Diogo Multilayer hydrogels as potential strategy for in situ drug and/or cell delivery. [Tesi di dottorato]


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Item Type: Tesi di dottorato
Resource language: English
Title: Multilayer hydrogels as potential strategy for in situ drug and/or cell delivery
Institution: Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II
Department: Ingegneria Chimica, dei Materiali e della Produzione Industriale
Dottorato: Ingegneria dei prodotti e dei processi industriali
Ciclo di dottorato: 29
Coordinatore del Corso di dottorato:
Mensitieri, GiuseppeUNSPECIFIED
Gloria, AntonioUNSPECIFIED
Keywords: hydrogels, particles, angiogenesis
Settori scientifico-disciplinari del MIUR: Area 09 - Ingegneria industriale e dell'informazione > ING-IND/22 - Scienza e tecnologia dei materiali
Date Deposited: 25 Apr 2017 16:35
Last Modified: 08 Mar 2018 14:19
DOI: 10.6093/UNINA/FEDOA/11510

Collection description

A multifunctional hydrogel acting as a reservoir system to deliver specific biomolecules to targeted ischemic sites was designed in the form of a multilayer composite hydrogel integrating conventional and advanced methods (i.e., electrospray-based technique). Protocols for scale-up of hydrogel system components were developed. Furthermore, gelatin particles were developed, loaded with a model protein (BSA) and analyzed. Gelatin particles were properly functionalized. Gelatin particles were also loaded with VEGF and PlGF and analyzed. The effects of the VEGF and PlGF released from GPs/multilayer system on the cell behavior, as well as the capillary like tube formation by HUVECs, were properly measured. The optimized system was designed taking into account the rheological/mechanical results, as well as the structural/functional features. The developed system showed adequate mechanical/rheological, functional and biological properties.


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