A Diskless Solution for LCG Middleware

Pardi, Silvio (2006) A Diskless Solution for LCG Middleware. Proceedings of CHEP2006 in Mumbai . (Sottomesso)

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The INFN-GRID project allows experimenting and testing many different and innovative solutions in the GRID environment. In this research ad development it is important to find the most useful solutions for simplified the managment and access to the resources. In the VIRGO laboratory in Napoli we have tested a non standard implementation based on LCG 2.6.0 by using a diskless solution in order to simplify the site administration. We have also used a shared file system, thus simplifying the submission of MPI jobs to the grid. Finally we tested the use of a custom kernel with the OpenMosix patch in order to enable the dynamic load balancing.

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Data:Febbraio 2006
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