Capaccioli, Massimo VST processing facility: first astronomical applications. In: 54th Congress SAIt, 4-7 May 2010, Napoli. (In stampa)


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Tipologia del documento: Contributo a Convegno o Workshop ([non definito])
Titolo: VST processing facility: first astronomical applications
Capaccioli, Massimo[non definito]
Autore/i: Grado, Aniello; Limatola, L.; Getman, F.
Numero di pagine: 6
Dipartimento: Scienze fisiche
Sezione di dipartimento: UniTA
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Tipo di evento: Congresso
Titolo dell'evento: 54th Congress SAIt
Luogo dell'evento: Napoli
Data dell'evento: 4-7 May 2010
Numero di pagine: 6
Parole chiave: Image Processing; Astronomical Techniques; Astrophysical Data
Settori scientifico-disciplinari del MIUR: Area 02 - Scienze fisiche > FIS/05 - Astronomia e astrofisica
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VST–Tube is a new software package designed to process optical astronomical images. It is an automated pipeline to go from the raw exposures to fully calibrated co-added images, and to extract catalogs with aperture and PSF photometry. A set of tools allow the data administration and the quality check of the intermediate and final products. VST-Tube comes with a Graphical User Interface to facilitate the interaction between data and user. We outline here the VST–Tube architecture and show some applications enlightening some of the characteristics of the pipeline.

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