Study and Prevention of Lipid Oxidation in Meat

Cascone, Annunziata (2006) Study and Prevention of Lipid Oxidation in Meat. [Tesi di dottorato] (Inedito)

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In according to the importance of meat in the diet and of its diffuse use in Western Countries, it’s necessary to give attention to a particular nutritional aspect of meat, concerning food safety, which is one of the most important goals in food science nowadays. It is well know that PUFA fatty acid and iron are among main factors improving lipid oxidation, so their reduction by animal diet may be an efficacy mean to improve oxidative stability in meat. However, this measure may not be acceptable in practice because PUFA and iron are both nutritional elements for human health. This research work has begun from studying of antioxidant to prevent lipid oxidation until arriving to find a model to induce oxidation to investigate the process in vitro. Work plan can be schedules in three parts: Part 1: protective effects of natural antioxidants against peroxidation during cooking and storage Part 2: Determination of MDA and TBARs in Buffalo Meat from Animals with dietary supplementation of Vitamin E Part 3: Development of analytical procedures to study changes in the lipid composition of meat caused by induced oxidation.

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