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Tesi di dottorato

Aceto, Giuseppe (2014) Monitoring Internet censorship: the case of UBICA. [Tesi di dottorato]

Aubry, Augusto (2010) MIMO Multiple Access Channels with Partial Channel State Information. [Tesi di dottorato] (Unpublished)

Barra, Mario (2004) Miniaturized superconducting planar filters for telecommunication applications. [Tesi di dottorato] (Unpublished)

Bifulco, Roberto (2013) The path towards an Internet’s SON: Service Oriented Networking. [Tesi di dottorato]

Cacciapuoti, Angela Sara (2008) The role of the Widely Linear processing in the narrowband and wideband systems. [Tesi di dottorato] (Unpublished)

Caleffi, Marcello (2008) Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: the DHT paradigm. [Tesi di dottorato] (Unpublished)

Carotenuto, Vincenzo (2015) Change Detection for Multi-Polarization SAR. [Tesi di dottorato]


Cicala, Luca (2008) Codifica di segnali visuali multidimensionali. [Tesi di dottorato] (Unpublished)

Cozzolino, Davide (2015) Image Forgery Detection and Localization. [Tesi di dottorato]

D'Amiano, Luca (2017) A new technique for video copy-move forgery detection. [Tesi di dottorato]

De Angelis, Valentina (2006) Stima di parametri dei canali Doppler: un approccio ciclostazionario. [Tesi di dottorato] (Unpublished)

De Luca, Claudio (2016) An insight in cloud computing solutions for intensive processing of remote sensing data. [Tesi di dottorato]

De Nicola, Silvio (2009) Waveform Design via Convex Optimization. [Tesi di dottorato] (Unpublished)

De Paola, Francesco Maria (2003) Silicon as Smart Package for Photonic ICs. [Tesi di dottorato] (Unpublished)

Donisi, Leandro (2022) Design and development of an E-textile device and a methodology for personalized and non-invasive assessment of biomechanical risk associated to manual handling. [Tesi di dottorato]

Fusco, Tilde (2006) Synchronization technics for OFDM systems. [Tesi di dottorato] (Unpublished)

Gaetano, Raffaele (2008) Hierarchical Models for Image Segmentation: from Color to Texture. [Tesi di dottorato] (Unpublished)

Gragnaniello, Diego (2015) Local image descriptors for biometric liveness detection. [Tesi di dottorato]

Iommelli, Salvatore (2011) Applicazioni della teoria dell'ottimizzazione all'elaborazione del segnale radar. [Tesi di dottorato] (Unpublished)

Iudice, Ivan (2017) Equalization of CPM signals over doubly-selective aeronautical channels. [Tesi di dottorato]

Landi, Luciano (2008) Adaptive radar detection in presence of mismatches. [Tesi di dottorato] (Unpublished)

Lipardi, Maddalena (2009) Widely linear filtering in modern MIMO transceivers. [Tesi di dottorato] (Unpublished)

Maffei, Marco (2022) Spaceborne Radar for Space Situational Awareness. [Tesi di dottorato]


Masi, Giuseppe (2016) Image Segmentation in a Remote Sensing Perspective. [Tesi di dottorato]

Matrecano, Marcella (2011) Porous Media Characterization by Micro-Tomographic Image Processing. [Tesi di dottorato] (Unpublished)

Mazza, Antonio (2021) Deep Learning based data-fusion methods for remote sensing applications. [Tesi di dottorato]

Melito, Fulvio (2015) Cooperation and migration for future communication networks. [Tesi di dottorato]

Memmolo, Pasquale (2011) Compressed Sensing: a new framework for signals recovery and its application in Digital Holography. [Tesi di dottorato] (Unpublished)

Noviello, Carlo (2015) Techniques for Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging and monitoring of Deformation with Differential Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar. [Tesi di dottorato]

Pallotta, Luca (2014) Covariance Matrix Estimation for Radar Applications. [Tesi di dottorato]

Parrilli, Sara (2008) THE PROBLEM OF CONTOURS IN TRANSFORM IMAGE CODING. [Tesi di dottorato] (Unpublished)

Petrella, Angelo (2009) Synchronization Algorithms for FBMC Systems. [Tesi di dottorato] (Unpublished)

Piezzo, Marco (2013) Radar Waveform Design via Convex Optimization. [Tesi di dottorato]

Poderico, Mariana (2011) Denoising of SAR images. [Tesi di dottorato] (Unpublished)

Rahman, Md. Arafatur (2013) Cognitive Radio Ad-hoc Networks: A Routing Perspective. [Tesi di dottorato]

Saccomanno, Andrea (2013) Desing and Simulation of Advanced Fiber Optic Sensors for High Energy Physics Application. [Tesi di dottorato]

Savoia, Roberto (2014) The Role of the Cooperative Paradigm in Traditional and Cognitive Wireless Networks. [Tesi di dottorato]

Sica, Francescopaolo (2016) Non-local methods for InSAR parameters estimation. [Tesi di dottorato]

Sterle, Fabio (2006) The exploitation of widely linear filtering in MIMO communication systems. [Tesi di dottorato] (Unpublished)

Conference or Workshop Item

Salvi, Dario and Mazzariello, Claudio and Oliviero, Francesco and D'Antonio, Salvatore (2005) A Distributed multi-purpose IP flow monitor. In: 3° International Workshop on Internet Performance, Simulation, Monitoring and Measurement IPS-MoMe, 14-15 March 2005, Warsaw, Poland.

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