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Siciliano, Antonietta and Guida, Marco and Pagano, Giovanni and Trifuoggi, Marco and Tommasi, Franca and Lofrano, Giusy and Padilla Suarez, Edith Guadalupe and Gjata, Isidora and Brouziotis, Antonios Apostolos and Liguori, Renato and Libralato, Giovanni (2021) Cerium, gadolinium, lanthanum, and neodymium effects in simplified acid mine discharges to Raphidocelis subcapitata, Lepidium sativum, and Vicia faba. Science of The Total Environment, 787. p. 147527. ISSN 00489697

Siciliano, Antonietta and Guida, Marco and Serafini, Sara and Micillo, Maria and Galdiero, Emilia and Carfagna, Simona and Salbitani, Giovanna and Tommasi, Franca and Lofrano, Giusy and Padilla Suarez, Edith Guadalupe and Gjata, Isidora and Brouziotis, Antonios Apostolos and Trifuoggi, Marco and Liguori, Renato and Race, Marco and Fabbricino, Massimiliano and Libralato, Giovanni (2021) Long-term multi-endpoint exposure of the microalga Raphidocelis subcapitata to lanthanum and cerium. Science of The Total Environment, 790. p. 148229. ISSN 00489697

Frunzo, Luigi (2017) Modeling sorption of emerging contaminants in biofilms. (Unpublished)

Cilardo, A. (2014) Research works on electronic system-level design, FPGA testing, and security building blocks.

Lippiello, Vincenzo and Ruggiero, Fabio (2012) Cartesian Impedance Control of a UAV with a Robotic Arm. (Submitted)

Cilardo, A. (2012) Research Activities on FPGA Design, Cryptographic Hardware, and Security Services.

Di Liberto, Francesco and Pastore, Raffaele and Peruggi, Fulvio (2011) Dissipated energy and Entropy Production for an Unconventional Heat Engine: The Stepwise “Circular Cycle”.

Di Nitto, Antonio and La Rana, Giovanni and Moro, Renata and Vardaci, Emanuele (2011) Evidence for a spin-aligned neutron-proton paired phase from the level structure of 92Pd.

Cilardo, A. (2011) Overview of research results on hardware-accelerated cryptography and security.

Borysenko, Sergiy and Gallo, Angela and Piccirillo, Anna Maria (2010) Multidimensional Impulse Inequalities and General Bihari-Type Inequalities for Discontinuous Functions with Retardation. (Submitted)

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Gargiulo, Carmela (2008) Città, Grandi Eventi e Mobilità tra globale e locale. TeMA, 1 (2). pp. 21-30. ISSN 1970-9870

Guidi, Laura (2008) Selezioni, esclusioni, stereotipi nella didattica scolastica della storia: la parola agli studenti. La camera blu. Rivista del Dottorato in Studi di genere della 'Federico II', II (2008) (3). (In Press)

Arienzo, Alessandro (2008) Security governance between State and market: human security and security sector reform. (Submitted)

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Priore, Lucia (2006) The role of the Italian school in the light of new social and multicultural context (Intercultural relations are relations between different cultures: it is necessary that these cultures recognise each other as well as being recognised individually for their differences). (Unpublished)

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Barletta, Marco and Cinque, Marcello and De Simone, Luigi and Della Corte, Raffaele Achieving Isolation in Mixed-Criticality Industrial Edge Systems with Real-Time Containers Appendix.

Amoroso, Daniele and Tamburrini, Guglielmo The Convergence of Deontological and Consequentialist Reasons for Banning Autonomous Weapons Systems.

Cerasuolo, Angela and Sconza, Anna Un manoscritto inedito del "Trattato" abbreviato in collezione privata napoletana. Raccolta vinciana, 35. pp. 279-298.

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